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                Dough Bowl Identification:  I believe that the term “Dough Bowl” can be applied to numerous bowl sizes and shapes.  The root of Proper identification is not found in a specific shape or size, but rather, can be found in the kind of wooden bowl that our Mothers, Grandmother, or Nana made dough in.  By extension this definition would then also apply for future generation.  The wooden bowl you use to make dough in will be the “Dough Bowl” for your children, grandchildren and if so blessed, great grandchildren to have fond memories of and will continue to use and cherish long after you and I are gone.  In that light, don’t get to caught-up in the identification I’ve placed on any given bowl.

All wooden bowls are unique

I hand turn each wooden bowl individualy, none is mass-produced and each wooden bowl is signed and numbered. 

The bowl shown, is the bowl you will receive.

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